We Stand with Sandmann

Dear Nicholas,

We are writing this letter because it appears your fight is just beginning.

Last week, you and your fellow classmates were dragged before the world, your lives stripped, your dignity crucified, you were presented at the altar of false witness, malicious journalism, hate-worshipers, and a trigger-crazed mob who called for your mutilations and your deaths. Many of these voices desperate to carry out these heinous acts out themselves on you and your families. This crazy behavior has become the liberal leftist baseline.

What did you do?

You wore a Trump MAGA hat, stood in a peaceful rally defending the unborn, you are Catholic, you stood your ground, and you existed.

You did not respond with violence to provocation by bizarre racist groups, or the now disgraced Nathan Philips, a proven valor thief; you simply stood your ground.

For this, a radical part of America decided to punish you. Your life has been forever changed. Their hatred rooted in the fact that you are pro-life, that you support our president, you are Catholic, and for the color of your skin.

News pundits, nasty comments, and bomb threats have defined these last few days.

This letter is from the America who would have stood proudly beside you that day and from the America who stands beside you now.

We support you, we encourage you, and we thank you for what you have sparked across the nation. You initiated a dialogue that clearly delineates freedom and its enemies....


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